Automate ELISAs With Ella

The Ella Automated Immunoassay System is a benchtop, automated ELISA platform that offers consistent biomarker detection with the ability to multiplex up to 8 analytes in less than 90 minutes. Ella's cartridges contain fully validated assays powered by R&D Systems, providing fast, reproducible data with no manual steps. This system is designed to eliminate variability, minimize user error, and deliver fully analyzed results efficiently. Users of Ella have reported benefits such as zero cross-reactivity, less variability, and highly sensitive assays with up to 4 logs of dynamic range. Ella's hands-free workflow reduces user error, accelerates time to results, and ensures reproducible data across multiple users and sites. The platform is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and offers a fast setup with on-the-fly adjustments for efficient immunoassay workflows.


The Ella Automated Immunoassay System is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes ELISA workflows by automating the process, reducing variability, and enhancing efficiency. This system is designed to streamline immunoassay procedures, offering benefits such as consistent and reliable results, multiplexing capabilities for up to 8 analytes simultaneously, and rapid turnaround times of less than 90 minutes. Ella's cartridges come pre-loaded with validated assays, eliminating the need for manual steps and ensuring high-quality data output. Users of Ella praise its user-friendly interface, minimal maintenance requirements, and the ability to generate sensitive and reproducible results with ease. Overall, Ella represents a significant advancement in immunoassay automation, providing researchers with a powerful tool to accelerate their research and achieve reliable biomarker detection.


Eliminate the challenges of manual ELISAs. Discover Ella™ — your next
latest generation automated ELISA instrument from Bio-Techne. In just 90 minutes you get
highly reproducible validated test data without manual steps. Assay performance
behind this data there is sensitivity at the sub-picogram level, more than 4 logs of dynamic range.
SimplePlex assays on the Ella™ instrument can be applied to research areas such as inflammation, immune profiling, cell therapy, bioprocess workflow, and more.


Fast and effective

• Reduce manual steps by up to 80%.

• Save time and maximize data with preloaded standard curves.

• Get validated analysis data in just 90 minutes

Highly reproducible

• Sub-picogram level detection provides superior assay sensitivity.

• Reduce human error and variability with hands-free automation.

• Get consistent and repeatable responses across multiple users and sites.

Accurate and reliable

• Generate data in triplicate with only 25 µl of sample volume.

• Eliminate cross-reactivity by detecting each analyte in separate parallel channels.

• Transfer your immunoassay to other labs and get the same results.

See what your peers have to say:

“Ella provides reproducible sample data with minimal sample input. The lower volume use allows for the expansion of research into new areas of angiogenesis and inflammation as it relates to many forms of cancer. »

— Andrew Nixon, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Professor, Medicine and Director, Duke University

“The simple Plex tests on Ella gave us speed and efficiency so we could complete our tests quickly, and the high data quality meant we could easily see the differences between the disease state samples and the controls. In addition, sample preparation was so simple that it greatly reduced the risk of errors. »

— Paulomi Aldo, Research Associate and Senior Manager of Reproductive Sciences, Yale University